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On the 23rd of September 2011 by invitation of the Dean of the STU- prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Moravčík invited to our faculty a valuable guest from Sydney- Ing. Dušan Sevcik - is a top expert in the field of engineering technologies and an excellent builder of pressure vessels. He is recognized throughout the professional world and spreads a very good reputation of our faculty and STU in Bratislava.

Ing. Dušan Sevcik is a 1964 graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of SVST. His diploma thesis carried was welding with electrical resistance welding in front of the commission of Prof. Joseph Čabelka who was the founder of the Welding Research Institute in Bratislava. For his excellent representation of our University abroad, in 1962 he was awarded a "Plaque for successful promotion of the STU, Slovak Technical University" by the rector. Ing. Sevcik, accompanied by Prof. Jozef Peterka, Vice-Dean of the MTF and his school mates viewed the classrooms and laboratories of the STU in Trnava. Very positive comments were made about the building of the centers of excellence at the Faculty. In the afternoon a friendly atmosphere was held in the boardroom of T202 on Bottova Street, where details of his professional activities within Australia and also his activity in developed industrialized countries.

(Milan Turna, a classmate of Ing. Dušan Sevcik from SJF SVST)