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Internal relations

MTF STU creates the following conditions of social policy for employees according to their rights defined in legislation. The management of MTF STU is interested in employee opinions. Every year a survey is prepared to obtain feedback as a tool to decide about future changes. The faculty management discusses the results of the survey (which are available for the public) and new measurements are created on the basis of the survey of satisfaction.

In the year 2011 the Dean's regulation No. 3  - The method for application of social fund instruments of MTF STU with the seat in Trnava was adopted. It is connected with the use of grants for:

  • catering
  • transportation to and from work for employees  who are up to conditions mentioned in the § 7 par. 5 of law on Social fund
  • social help to young employees
  • recreation for children
  • state of social poverty as a result of natural catastrophe
  • state of social poverty as a result of some extraordinary serious events
  • social help in case of death
  • social help by long-term incapacity to work
  • regeneration of unpaid blood donors
  • health care
  • spa and rehabilitation care
  • admission fee for cultural or sport events organised as a part of social programme for employees of MTF STU