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Internal relations

The employee board of MTF STU was established at the faculty after elections in June 2009 for period of four years. It represents the interests of all employees in accordance with valid labour codes and the collective labour agreement.

The representants on the employee board of MTF STU took part in all meetings of the faculty management, the collegium of the dean, in meetings of UOO STU in Bratislava and in job interviews for pedagogical positions during the year. The board participated in the schedule creation for use of the gymnasium and swimming pool with employees of MTF STU and the preparation of the menu; it took part as well in a petition organized with the Union of employees of school system and research in connection with creation of new labour codes.

The employee board of MTF STU:

  • discussed all materials dealing with holiday planning, collective holidays, a directive of the dean regarding application for social fund resources and others.
  • discussed all applications for prolonging employment, termination of working relationships because of redundance after implementation of the automatic calling centre
  • approved grants from the social fund in agreement with the Union Contract from year 2011
  • participated in evaluation of following of Collective labor agreement as well as preparation of new Collective labor agreement for year 2012 in the form of comments to a draft and completion of the draft
  • submitted ideas of faculty employees for solving problems on particular panels