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Admission procedure, application forms, deadlines, contacts

1. Basic conditions of admission for university studies are stipulated in the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on the Amendments and Completion of Certain Acts as amended as follows:
The basic condition of admission for studies of any study program of the first level is to fully complete secondary education or secondary vocational education.
The basic condition of admission for studies of any study program of the second level is to graduate from a first-level study program.
The basic condition of admission for studies of any study program of the third level isto graduate from a second-level study program.

2. As for applicants who have achieved the required education abroad, the basic condition of admission is confirmation of passing a final examination, and documents confirming the achieved level of studies corresponding to the required level of education in line with paragraph 1.
For more information see Recognition procedure details here .

3. For foreign nationals applying for study programs in the Slovak or English languages shall these rules apply accordingly.
For more information: Rules and Conditions for Admission to Study Programs at STU

Information about scholarships for foreign students is provided by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic


Application form

Applicants can apply for studies at the Faculty of Materials and Science and Technology in Trnava in two ways: electronically or by sending the filled-in paper application form without entering the electronic application. We recommend that the electronic application form.

E-application - dully filled-in application is to be printed, signed by an applicant and sent via post to the relevant study department together with other required documents. Electronic application system will guide the applicant in process of submitting his/her application.

We offer bachelor and engineering studies only in Slovak language.

Institute of Lifelong Learning of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava organise for foreign students who wish to study at one of the faculties of the University in Slovak languages theIntensive Slovak language course

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