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Principal researcher: Prof. DR. Ing. Jozef Peterka


Information about the project:

The development of internal operating rules of  CE.

Defining the basic directions for the long term development of CE.

Acquisition and installation of machinery, equipment, accessories and tools.

Running the pilot operation of the mechanical and instrumentational basis of the CE.

Acquisition and installation of software.

Running pilot operation software for CE.


Project objectives: application of high-technology 5-axis machining:

  • Multi-axis machining for the production of complex shape surfaces (FFS - Free Form Surfaces).
  • Complex machining , concentrating more machining methods such as milling, turning and drilling technology into one unit.
  • HSC and HSM technologies, HSM - High Speed Machining and HSC - High Speed Cutting for economic machining based on the results from basic research and the cutting theory of materials.
  • A multi-machining method, designed to use not only mechanical energy to separate the material during the operation but also the particular use of laser energy and ultrasonic energy for machining materials that are difficult to machine.
  • In combination with CA (Computer Aided) Technologies such as CAD - CADesign, CAM - CAManufacturing, CNC - Computer Numerical Control, CAE - CAEngineering and CAIns - CAInspection.

At the centre of excellence we are able to make:

  • Research of all the methods and strategies for 5-axis machining, adjusting, intermittent and continuous CNC milled /shaped surfaces.
  • Research HSC CNC milling and turning of complex shaped surfaces.
  • Research CNC ultrasonic and laser machining of materials that are difficult to machine.
  • Research of using CA technologies in the chain of CAD / CAM / CNC / CAQ.