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From the 14th to the 15th of October 2007, a working visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the SR government in the Research Center of Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany took place. The Vice-Rector of the STU prof. Maros Finka, the Dean of the MTF STU - prof. Moravcik and the vice Dean of the MTF STU- prof. Peterka and the Deputy’s prime minister of the SR government -Mr Dusan Caplovic were present. The delegation was received by the State Minister for Science and Art of Free State of Sasko Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, and members of the of science and art. Members of the Research Centre Rossendorf are : dr. Joehnko and prof. DR. Roland Sauerbrey. The Subject of negotiations was to confirm interest in further cooperation, and especially the project of the new ionic and plazma centre SLOVAKION at the in Trnava.

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