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Eng. Eneko Zumalde visited the FMST SUT in Trnava From the  1st to the 3rd of December 2009, he is a representative of the Spanish R & D (Research and Development )organization called INPROMAT, S. Coop., which is in the Basque town Sondika. The aim of his visit was to participate in a formal meeting with members of the Solutionist Council from the international project called MANUNET which is part of the European program called ERA-NET.

Eng. Eneko Zumalde excepted  negotiations  with Associate Professor Ing. Peter Šugár, CSc.,  who is  the leading solutionist of the project called ‘Multivariate Optimization of the metal spinning process - research and development'. Eng. Eneko Zumalde was also accompanied by Associate Professor . Maria Dománková, PhD.  and Ing. Ladislav Morovič  as he visited  the laboratories of the Institute of manufacturing technologies and the department of materials.  At the end of the stay  Professor Ing. Koloman Ulrich, PhD.-Director of the Institute of Manufacturing Technologies welcomed our foreign guest.