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Dear students,

We announce that Trnava is currently classified in the II. degree of warning of the COVID Automat (burgundy colour).

You are obligated to observe valid epidemiological measures during accommodation, in particular to cover the upper respiratory tract with respirator FFP2, in all interior parts of the student dormitory except for your own room.

Face mask is mandatory outdoors at mass gatherings at distance of less than 2 m.

In student dormitories will be applied

  • ban of visits of non-accommodated persons,
  • ban of assembly – applies to interior areas, in exterior of the area of a single SD the number of persons in the group is limited to six,
  • silent hours are from 22:00 till 6:00 o ́clock.

 We point out that every person, who enters to the territory of the Slovak Republic from abroad, is obligated:

At the same time all persons, who are not connsidered fully vaccinated in terms of the decree of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic No.231/2021 from 16.7.2021 , are obligated to go to home quarantine after entering to the territory of Slovakia.

We would like to warn you emphatically, that student dormitories do not provide quarantine accommodation for students after arrival from abroad.

Students, who arrive from abroad, when entering SD are obligated to prove by

  • digital COVID PASSPORT or
  • vaccination certificate or
  • certificate of registration on eHranica (eBorder) older than 14 days (if student has undergone 14-day quarantine without performing of RT-PCR test) or 
  • certification of registration on eHranica (eBorder) and at the same time by certificate 
  • of negative resuslt of RT-PCR test for COVID-19 disease, which has been made on the 5. day of insulation at the latest or 
  • certificate of overcoming of COVID-19 disease not older than 180 days.

In one ́s own interest watch:

In case that grade of risk for Trnava changes, we will inform you about taken measures and conditions of accommodation.

 In Trnava, on 31.08.2021

Ing. Radovan Široký

Director of the ASDaDH of Trnava