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The 7th International Doctoral Seminar (IDS), organised by the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology with seat in Trnava, the Slovak University of Technology, took place in Smolenice castle. The seminar was organised for PhD students who could present the results of their scientific thesis in the area of engineering technologies, materials engineering, applied informatics and automation in industry, in idustrial engineering, management and quality, environmental and safety engineering as well as in human sciences.

75 PhD students, 25 of them from abroad, had been registered at the conference. However, we had an opportunity to welcome 17 foreign PhD supervisors and the guests from the universities and research institutes from Germany, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

So far, the following guests and the supervisors were registered at the conference: prof. Dr. phil. Habil. Niethammer (TU Dresden), prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Peter Joehnk (HZDR Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany), Dr.h.c.Dipl.-Finw. Rolf Pfrengle (IFW Dresden), Prof. Dr-Ing. habil. Peter Husar (University of Technology Ilmenau, Germany), prof. Dr. Kolitsch Andreas (HZDR Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany), prof. Dr. Jürgen Eckert (IFW Dresden, Germany), dr hab. MSc. Roman Stryjski (prof. University Zelena Hora, Poland), prof. Ing Zajac CSc. (ŤU Prešov) and etc.

The event was opened by the dean ´s MTF STU prof. Dr. Ing. Olivera Moravčík address and prof. Dr. phil. habil Manuela Niethammer from Technical University in Dresden. There was also given the plenary lecture by prof. MSc. Milan Turna, PhD., devoted to the 50th anniversary of the first international welding conference which took place in 1962 in Smolenice castle, with title „The 50th anniversary of the first in the world International Student Colloquium of Welding 1962 – 2012“.

The conference programme followed by the students presentations in particular professional sections in the English language. The negotiations in sections were lead by chairmen/chairwomen - associate professors, professors who directed professional negotiations in the sections.

The sections were led by the following chairmen/chairwomen: prof. Ing.Ulrich, PhD., prof. Ing. Janovec, DrSc. prof. Ing. Marônek, CSc., prof. Dr. Phil. Habil. Niethammer, doc. Ing. Čambál, CSc., doc. Ing. Soldán, PhD., doc. Ing. Kusý, PhD., doc. Mgr.Vrábeľ, PhD., doc. Ing. Cagáňová, PhD., Dr.h.c.Dipl.-Finw. Rolf Pfrengle and doc. Ing. Tanuška, PhD.

The participants, PhD students by the active participation at IDS 2012 have received valuable experience not only from presentation preparation, but they have obtained in many cases their first experience with public presentation of their scientific thesis in the English language. At the same time they could create professional and friendly contacts with colleagues form other universities. They also had an opportunity to compare the results of their papers with colleagues from abroad.

The poster section was prepared with aim to support the negotations and discussions in the sections and out of them. The professional part was also supported by the social event, which was positevely evaluated by domestic and foreign participants. Many participants also promised their participation in the following year – May 2013.

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Translation: Anthony James Ronald Atkinson