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The Dean of the Faculty - Professor Moravčík received, on the occasion of the Annual International Conference of IGIP SEFI 2010, his magnificence Rector of the University of Miškovec / Hungary, Professor Gyula Patkó accompanied by - Professor Angela Varadi, Professor Gabriella Bognar and Professor Laszlo Szentirmai.

University of Miškovec, like the SUT, is proud to claim that they belong to the tradition of high technical education, which in our Central European region is famous due to the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica.

Due to the past successful cooperation between the MTF SUT Faculty of Engineering and the Computer Science University of Miškovec, the Dean of the faculty gave a commemorative coin of Aurel Stodola to the Rector as a thank you for the cooperation. In a friendly atmosphere they discussed common practices of both institutions in the preparation of European projects.