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Dean of the Faculty Professor Moravčík welcomed on the 22nd September, on the occasion of the Annual International Conference IGIP SEFI, his Magnificence Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo / Japan and Professor Konrad Osterwalder.

Professor Osterwalder was awarded with the highest honour of SEFI- the Leonardo da Vinchi medal by the International Organisation of SEFI during the ceremonial meeting of the conference participants. The welcoming speech was given by Professor Claudio Borri from the University in Florence.Here.

Dean of the Faculty presented the commemorative coin of Aurel Stodola to the former Rector of ETH Zurich and a significant scientist world re-knowned physicist. Aurel Stodola was also a significant world-renowned scientist; this issued coin commemorates the 150th birth anniversary of scientist with Slovak origin who also spent a large period of his life in ETH Zurich. The medal was awarded to his magnificence for his efforts in the development of science, university education and internationalization of technical education. Professor Osterwalder presented his development plans of the UN University, which will open its department in Slovakia in the near future.