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Internal relations

Status in the area of work accident risks, illnesses caused by work, dangerous events and dangerous industrial accidents:

Status of working conditions (following the rules):

  • creation of a new directive by the dean No. 8/2008 on "Work and workplaces which are forbidden to pregnant women and mothers to the end of the ninth month after giving birth, and breastfeading women,"
  • the categories of work from the perspective of health risks.

Personnel and protection of working appliances:

  • the list of working activities,
  • the report on the state of technical equipment and control, revision and repair

Areas for the training of Work Safety and Health Protection employees and creation of rules:

  • admission training - 33 employees
  • periodical training of employees - 181 employees
  • training of management - 20 employees
  • the first instructions for students
  • training of employees to provide first aid - 21 employees