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The study programme focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable graduates to master research projects in key areas of industrial engineering to create innovative processes and products. The study programme is designed to develop competencies enabling the contribution to the knowledge base, innovation and the creation of new knowledge and procedures. The graduate acquires deep theoretical knowledge and a methodological basis, which will allow the individual to conduct independent research based on the principles of sustainable development, with a particular focus on industrial engineering, production engineering and economic systems and processes etc.

The graduate is able to work on the basis of systemic science, not only in industries but also in other areas of life, independently conduct research and present the results at scientific forums. The graduate will obtain the ability to work scientifically, formulate and analyse problems, propose solutions by completing Research projects  I.-IV. The graduate will achieve the capability to implement projects using the latest formal apparatus, experimental procedures with respect to their professional interests and implement solutions to match the latest trends of science and technology development by completing the Dissertation projects I.-VI. The graduate will learn and understand the social implications of scientific work in humanities study. In the subjects English I.-III. the graduate will learn to handle the principles of writing scientific papers, preparing posters and participation at scientific conferences and seminars in foreign languages.

On this basis, as previously mentioned, the graduate will acquire a comprehensive university third level education in the academic field of "Industrial Engineering".

The graduate can apply the knowledge in science and research, and also pedagogic work at universities, research institutes, consultancy companies, research and development departments and after obtaining practical experience also in top managerial positions in different types of organisations.

Guarantor: prof. Ing. Miloš Čambál, CSc., milos.cambal@stuba.sk

Study advisordoc. Ing. Andrea Chlpeková, PhD., andrea.chlpekova@stuba.sk

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