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The graduate of doctoral study programme Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials in the branch 2307 Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials has enhanced theoretical knowledge in the field of metallurgy, advanced technologies of cutting and non cutting processing of materials, computer aided (CA) and applications of CA technology systems and simulations of technology processes, automation of technology processes and their applications in industry, with respect to qualitative, technical/economical and ecology aspects of different kinds of production.

The graduate manages scientific methods of research and development of production processes with a primary focus on machining, welding, soldering, forming, foundry, as well as on surface engineering, metrology, assembly, tribology, CA technologies in engineering and machines for metal processing.

The graduates of the study programme Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials are expected to be working in research teams or training institutions in domestic or foreign labour market, in position of top-researchers or top-managers in industry, in the management of production departments equipped with advanced production technologies, in institutes of Slovak Academy of Sciences and at technical universities focused to production technologies. The graduates can be also asserted in the institutions providing further professional education.

Guarantor: prof. Dr. Ing. Jozef Peterka, jozef.peterka@stuba.sk

Study advisor:  doc. Ing. Mária Kapustová, PhD., maria.kapustova@stuba.sk

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