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Development and EU Structural Funds


The MTF STU develops, protects and disseminates knowledge through research, development, artistic and other creative activities, prepares experts with the highest education in engineering, technology, IT, technical and economic fields.

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The MTF STU allows the updating and dissemination of knowledge throughout ones life, contributes to sustainable development and improvement of society as a whole. The MTF STU's basic mission, in terms of a long-term development, is the collection, enhancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge in science, technology, art and culture, based on university traditions while responding to recent international initiatives in science, art and education. The MTF STU is characterized by long-term goals that are part of the modern research university which adhere to the major role of European universities, which lie in the production of knowledge through research, in disseminating knowledge through teaching, information and communication technologies and the use of knowledge in innovations. The aim is to be technologically innovative, a sustainable economic growth and social balanced stability of life. 

Particular attention in the long-term development of the MTF STU is in creating synergies, as the basis for the use of integrated capacities of the MTF STU which represent a sufficient amount of scientific and pedagogical potential for its competitiveness in the European and world scientific and academic space. Intensification towards the internal structure of the faculty and outside, in accordance with the Bologna process and the Lisbon objectives, the MTF STU wants, in the frame of European universities, to play a central role in the further development of Europe into a Europe of knowledge with an economy and society based on knowledge.

One of the goals of the transformation of knowledge at the  MTF STU was to create better conditions for project management and teamwork within both institutions and between institutions, not only in the educational process. The faculty uses project management, particularly in connection with the administration and when dealing with various projects (R & D projects, both domestic and foreign). Project teams are formed due to strong organizational structures aimed at new project initiatives.


Doc. Ing. Peter Pokorný PhD.