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On 17th of July 2012 a visit took place to the Institute of Industrial Engineering, Management and Quality (UPMK) by a colleague from the United Arab Emirates. Dr. K. Prakash Vel from University of Wollongong in Dubai was admitted to our academic area by D. Cagáňová, Ph.D., assoc. prof.; J. Šujanová, Ph.D., assoc. prof. and P. Hodulíková, Ph.D. to discuss the specific issues of the upcoming collaboration. Firstly, there was a talk presented by Dr. K. Prakash Vel regarding the topic of "Destination Marketing". In his presentation, which was attended by UPMK Ph.D. students and employees of UPMK, Dr. K. Prakash Vel highlighted the important aspects in the development of destinations. He said: "Although Dubai does not have the same authentic beauty as many other destinations of the world, through a number of projects it has become the fastest growing tourist destination on the world".

In the second part of his talk, he spoke about the possibility of students´ from all around the world becoming involved in the competition organized under the auspices of the Government of Dubai, to which the students of UPMK were invited. Dr. K. Prakash Vel met with the vice dean prof., Dr. J. Peterka, in the afternoon. He was also admitted by the Dean prof. Dr. Ing. O. Moravčík. The subject of their discussion was primarily regarding the possibility of establishing a long-term cooperation between the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava with the "Faculty of Business and Management, University of Wollongong in Dubai".

At the end of the professional discussion, Dr. K. Prakash Vel invited the faculty governance and the institute governance to his university in order to deepen their mutual cooperation.


Translation: Petra Hodulíková