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International relations

International Collaboration

  • framework contracts with institutions in different countries worldwide
  • Erasmus+ agreements concluded by MTF STU with more 50 institutions in 25 countries
  • Membership (STU) of prestigious international organisations, e.g. European University Association (EUA), the European  Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), Vision2020 (innovation platform for research organisations and companies participating in the‘ Horizon 2020’ EU funding programme), European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (ESEIA), European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) and others.

Preparatory modular course for foreign students studying at the MTF STU

The course is designed for foreign students who wish to study at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The modular course will help all those wishing to study, to familiarise themselves with the opportunities and challenges of the study, and to supplement their basic knowledge needed for studying at some of the faculties of STU. The preparatory modular course is carried out through e-learning. The educational programme has been accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic under No. 3182/2010/130/1.

Foreign relations  MTF STU

STU MTF forms cooperation on the basis of good partnership relations which are typified by mutual cooperation, Profit in the area of research activities, or experience in education.  The active cooperation of our constitution, reflected in agreements concluded with foreign partners, is proof of the necessity for searching new partnerships and cooperation.

Membership MTF STU of  Slovak and international organisations

On an international level, the faculty cooperated with significant scientific and technical organisations in the last year. MTF STU is an institutional member of six professional international organisations. Employees of the faculty are active in different Slovak (individual memberships) and also international organisations (individual memberships) in different positions, from members to chairs, vice-chairs and members of boards.

Student Exchanges 

MTF STU students participate in exchange programmes of short-term and also long-term scholarships. The Faculty had more agreements in the Erasmus programme. The dominant Erasmus partners are the institutions in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

Mobility Programmes

ERASMUS - The Erasmus programme enables students either to study at higher education institutions or to realise vocational training in companies situated in the European Union countries.

ERASMUS MUNDUS - The Erasmus Mundus programme is open for all students interested in study abroad.

NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic provides scholarships to Slovak and international students for study abroad and for PhD. students for research abroad.

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)- The Ceepus programme provides scholarships supporting exchanges of students between Albania, Bosna a Hercegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Monte Negro, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Austria, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, and the University in Prištine, Kosovo.

ACTION AUSTRIA-SLOVAKIA - The Action Austria-Slovakia programme is the bilateral programme supporting cooperation between Austria and Slovakia in the area of exchange of students, PhD. students, teachers and researchers.

Foreign student Admission process

Foreign applicants applying for higher education are required to submit to the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, to the entrusted deputy of the particular faculty or institute, a certificate of completion of secondary education as well as a copy of their passport. If the applicant has also completed another institution with a higher education qualification following secondary school,

the certificate of completion of the above education should be supplied too.The basic requirements for admissionto a study programme are:

  • in the first cycle, the acquisition of secondary general education or secondary vocational education completed with the secondary school-leaving certificate,
  • in the second cycle, the completion of the study programme of the first cycle,
  • in the third cycle, the completion of the study programme of the second cycle.

Applicants for study at the STU who have graduated from earlier studies abroad must submit a recognized formal qualification issued by a foreign secondary school, or high school.

Faculty events for students and those interested in study

For interested in study at the Faculty: Open Day, attending fairs to promote study at the Faculty both at home and abroad, Summer University for secondary school students, advertising and promotional materials on study at the Faculty, promotion of study programmes in media

For students: Student Research Conference, JOB DAY, meetings of Faculty representatives with students, seminars and workshops.