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The master study focuses on preparation of specialists in the field of machining and forming technology for employment in industry or sector of research and development. Graduate has deep theoretical knowledge in the field of production technologies (machining, welding, forming, foundry and assembly), materials, production machines, tools, process design, metrology and systems of quality assurance  supported by the knowledge of CAx technologies. It has predictions for systematic and complex solving of material, technological and managerial problems of production processes with goal to racionalize, modernize and design of new products, processes and systems.

Graduate finds application in the field of product, process and production systems designing, in the technological shop floors, research, development and service as a production technologist, technologist - CNC programmer of machine tools, member or leader of development teams, production coordinator or project manager.

prof. Ing. Peter Šugár, CSc., peter.sugar@stuba.sk

Study advisor: 
doc. Ing. Augustín Görög, PhD., augustin.gorog@stuba.sk

E-application form to study at STU

Study plans:
full-time, attendance method
full-time, combined method