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Graduates of the study program Processes Modelling and Simulation in the field of Automation:

Graduates will be experts in modern areas of process automation and process control using information technology to develop new methods, algorithms and procedures at the level of a researcher. He specializes in the management of complex systems using information technology, as well as in the field of intelligent methods of control with elements of artificial intelligence.

They have a deep theoretical knowledge in mathematical principles, theory and management methodology combined with advanced systems theory methods. They know the principles and methods of designing complex control systems at all levels of management. They identify and are able to solve problems of integration of information and control systems through all levels of hierarchical control.

They acquire the ability to formulate the problems of scientific research based on analysis, to implement relevant projects using the latest formal and experimental procedures. They are able to think analytically and implement solutions corresponding to the latest trends in the development of science and technology in given fields.

They understand the context of automation and control and related natural sciences, as well as the physical nature of implemented original solutions in automated control systems, in information technology, in the preparation and design of experiments, modelling, simulation and optimization.

They are a harmonious and creative personality. They understand their responsibility.

During their studies they are led to make independent decision, project designing and teamwork. They participate in international scientific conferences where they need the skills of good communication and presentation of research results. In the framework of provided stays abroad, there are opportunities for professional growth at leading foreign educational institutions.

They are ready to formulate problems and professionally lead the research team.

They can work in research, scientific or training organizations. They can be successful in domestic or foreign labour market, as well as in industry as top developers.


Guarantor: prof. Ing. Pavel Važan, PhD., pavel.vazan@stuba.sk

Study advisor: doc. Ing. Maximilián Strémy, PhD., maximilian.stremy@stuba.sk


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Study plans:

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