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Institute of Integrated Safety

Laboratory testing:

  • testing of combustibility and explosiveness of substances, product and wastes in different states,
  • appraisal of fire-fighting foam and spray properties in the aging process,
  • monitoring of chosen factors in the work environment, appraisal of noise and lighting at the workplace,
  • analysis of drinking water quality,
  • determination of biodegradability of cutting fluids,
  • determination of organic pollutants using analytical methods

Document elaboration:

  • danger characterization and risk appraisal of selected substances, products, wastes and technologies in dependence on the partner requisites,
  • elaboration of protocol for identification of the external effects, elaboration of documentation on explosion protection,
  • elaboration of emergency plans in accordance with legislation,
  • risk assessment and risk analysis of fires in industry,
  • implementation of occupational health and safety assessment series (OHSAS), (internal audits, preparation for certification audits)

Research studies:

  • study of limiting conditions of the initiation of burning process of powder materials,
  • impact of fires and its liquidation to the environment,
  • environmental cost of the usage of foam extinguishing agents, appraisal of biological degradability of selected foaming agents,
  • fire danger of PVC cables and their protection,
  • creation of a knowledge database and expert system for the risk appraisal of dangerous substances, products, wastes and technologies and other dangerous processes,
  • modelling of impacts of industrial accidents to the environment,
  • usage of PC models of material escape modelling, comparison of different types of modelling programs in the field of dispersion of the materials to the environment,
  • study of health and safety aspects of occupational indoor environment,
  • progress and utilization of small hydro-energetic source in combination with solar equipments for branch of engineering,
  • establishment of technical-consulting laboratory for utilizing and consequent propagation of solar energy,
  • determination of characteristics of emission quantification and indicators of atmosphere quality in conditions of European legislation,
  • The exploitation of advanced oxidation processes in removal of organic pollutants from wastewaters by the use of wastes from production and treatment of metals as catalysts,
  • advanced environmentally suitable methods for utilization and removal of wastes from the machine industry,
  • research and development of the utilization of phytomass technologies for liquid fuel production from renewable resources,
  • botanical garden as an instrument for escalation of environmental consciousness of citizens

Consulting, training and courses:

  • training and courses focused on the health and safety at work, safety education on international standards, research coordination for specific application targets and requirements for the increase of the safety of industrial regions,
  • guidance for implementation of occupational health and safety assessment series (OHSAS), consulting in the field of emergency planning,
  • consulting in utilization of renewable sources of energy,