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Concept and focus of the research activities


  • research and pedagogical projects within VEGA & KEGA grant agencies,
  • international programmes and projects of MVTS,
  • internally funded projects,
  • contractual research and development projects funded by business and industry.

Topics support the Faculty majors and fields of study:

  • research with orientation on new metallic and non-metallic materials,
  • research and development of new technologies of industrial production with a focus on environment-friendly productions,
  • implementation of information technology into technological, production and organisational systems, as well as process identification, automation and control,
  • research and verification of management principles and organisational structures,
  • quality management, product certification and conversions of machine production,
  • safety and reliability of technological equipment and systems with emphasis on methods, analysis and synthesis,
  • humane and social sciences with emphasis on improvement and innovation of teaching methods and forms in the conditions of training and education of technical intelligentsia.


Prof. Ing. Miloš Čambál, CSc.