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Computer-Aided Production Technologies study programme is focused on acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge based on current science results and on mastering their application in future occupation or in related master study.

The graduate of Computer-Aided Production Technologies study programme acquire the basic theoretical knowledge of natural sciences, technical and technological disciplines, management as well as basic knowledge of informatics to be able to utilize applicable approach to computer technology.

The knowledge is enhanced by study of profile subjects particularly in the field of production Technologies, computer-aided production Technologies, computer-aided assembly of CAA, CAQ quality with emphasis on practical skills and abilities. Previous knowledge is complemented by new one in the field of mechanics necessary for specific solution of assignments, projects and theses.

The organic connection of studying natural, economic and managerial disciplines with technical, technological and computer sciences is aimed at providing the graduates with knowledge applicable in their future career development in master study or in practice.

The graduates can operate in implementation and operation of production-technological systems as CAD/CAM technologists, CA operators of technological offices, constructors of production tools and fixtures, in the field of technical preparation of production and in programming CNC technology and production systems.

The graduates of the study programme can successfully enter the job market in the field as they are frequently headhunted during their study.

doc. Ing. Peter Pokorný, PhD. peter.pokorny@stuba.sk

Study advisor: 
Ing. Ivan Buranský, PhD., ivan.buransky@stuba.sk

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Study plans:
full-time, attendance method
full-time, combined method