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Industrial Management study programme focuses on acquiring topical theoretical and practical knowledge as well as on mastering its implementation in graduates´ job performance or in follow-up related master study. The study programme provides the acquisition of knowledge in the field of natural, technical, technological and humane disciplines and subsequently in the field of industrial management with particular emphasis on practical application of gained knowledge.

In the first three semesters of study the graduate will gain knowledge of natural, technical and technological sciences and in 2nd and 3rd year of study s/he enhances the knowledge by studying profile subjects in the field of industrial engineering with focus on business economics, company/enterprise management, industrial engineering methods and tools, production management, logistics, personnel management, accounting, methods of decision making, team work, etc.

The organic connection of studying natural, technical, technological and industrial management is aimed at profiling the graduate with knowledge of social-technical systems integrating human resources, information, materials, devices and processes within the lifecycle of a product or services. The graduate can operate and control the production, logistics, quality, finances and human resources on the first-line and middle management levels.

The graduate can operate, communicate and handle conflicts in work teams. S/he masters topical information-communication technologies and implements them efficiently in practice. The graduate has also managerial, economic, legal, environmental and ethical awareness applicable in his/her job performance.

The graduate can operate mainly as a member of a creative team, or as its leader in organizations of various industrial branches, particularly on first-line and middle management levels of industrial plants; nevertheless, the graduate can also set up and lead a small company or association or enter the management team of individual parts in larger organizations.

prof. Ing. Miloš Čambál, CSc. milos.cambal@stuba.sk 

Study advisor: 
Ing. Viera Bestvinová, PhD. viera.bestvinova@stuba.sk

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Study plans:
full-time, attendance method
full-time, combined method