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Integrated Safety study programme offers the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of safety and health protection at work, environmental sciences and production quality as well as the acquisition of practical skills necessary to successfully operate in the field. The quality system of education at STU MTF provides excellent prerequisites for master study.

In the first two years of study the graduate will gain knowledge of basic natural, technical and technological sciences and in 2nd and 3rd year of study s/he enhances the knowledge by studying profile subjects in the field of safety and health protection at work , environmental sciences and production quality (hazardous substances, specific technical devices, integrated managerial systems, risk analysis methods, technical chemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, basics of safety, environmental and fire engineering, measurement and monitoring of harmful substances, work environment engineering, work environment safety, standardization and certification). The organic connection of studying natural, technical and technological disciplines with safety and health protection at work is aimed at providing the graduates with knowledge applicable in their future career development in master study or in practice.

The graduate is prepared for practical implementation in the field of industry and services. S/he is capable to operate in the field of safety and health protection at work as well as in the field of environmental sciences particularly in basic documentation processing and assessment of work environment parameters within hazardous substances operation, specific technical devices, fire, safety and environmental engineering. The graduate can measure the basic characteristics of hazardous substances and assess and analyse the risks at work and environment. The graduate can operate as a team member in the field of BOZP (Safety and Health Protection at Work) as well as in related fields and environment protection. S/he is prepared for master study in Integrated Safety study programme.     

prof. Ing. Maroš Soldán, PhD. maros.soldan@stuba.sk

Study advisor: 
doc. Ing. Richard Kuracina, Ph.D. richard.kuracina@stuba.sk

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Study plans:
full-time, attendance method
full-time, combined method