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Production quality study programme offers with the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of production systems and processes implementation including metrological skills and basics of materials science and technology. The quality system of education at STU MTF provides excellent prerequisites for master study.

In the first two years of study the graduate will gain knowledge of basic natural, technical and technological sciences (mathematics, physics, information technologies, materials science, basics of production technologies, economics and management, etc.) and in 2nd and 3rd year of study s/he enhances the knowledge by studying profile subjects in the field of statistics, quality management systems, work safety, environmental sciences, company economy, metrology as well as complementary fields related to processes reliability and capability and their outcomes control regarding the properties of materials.

The organic connection of studying natural, technical and technological disciplines with quality management, statistics, work safety and metrology together with humane subjects is aimed at providing the graduates with knowledge of quality management systems and production processes control. The graduates will have also knowledge of the basics in machine parts production technology and materials used for their production including the requirements for their utility qualities and their control.

The graduate of Production Quality study programme is prepared for practical implementation in all fields of industrial production. S/he obtains bachelor degree in the field of implementation and control, particularly of production systems and processes including metrology skills so that s/he can creatively operate in engineering development or in processes. The graduate will be able to apply practically the methods of statistic processes regulation and statistic product quality acceptance as well as s/he will be able to apply effective decision making means. In addition, the graduate will obtain skills in basic metrology operations necessary for processes verification analysis and measurement instruments calibration, s/he will gain the ability and skills to process data and the records on quality in all stages of reproduction process as well as analyse the process and product quality level and share in preparing the development of corrective and preventive measures of production quality improvement.

The graduate can successfully operate as a quality assurance technician with focus on material, production and metrology processes in industry and services. S/he can work effectively as a  team member, understand and explain the quantitative dimensions of the subject matter, organise self-study and career development, cope with the latest trends in the professional field, utilise information technologies within production quality assurance and improvement, and have at least basic command of foreign language. The graduate can lead smaller groups in a quality management team and can also successfully operate in public sector as a technician or head of a department having technical insight, ability to analyse facts and decide upon them, ability to handle common technical issues. The graduate is prepared to develop the knowledge.

doc. Ing. Miroslava Mĺkva, PhD. miroslava.mlkva@stuba.sk

Study advisor: 
doc. Ing. Miroslava Mĺkva, PhD.  miroslava.mlkva@stuba.sk

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