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Institute of Integrated Safety


Work Safety and Health Protection


The graduate will gain theoretical knowledge of natural, economic and social sciences. During the study, he will develop the knowledge of technical sciences with orientation on safety and reliability of production technologies, safety of work environment and environmental protection. He will also learn how to assess safety of technical systems, production technologies, analysis of failures and disasters, risk identification and quantification, suggestion of preventive measures aimed at the staff and safety improvement and health protection. The graduate will also gain knowledge in the field of legislative tools for managing dangerous activities, testifying and certification of materials and products and application of safety and technological procedures and parameters of materials. The graduate will work as a safety officer in industry, organisations, governmental bodies, insurance companies, or an advisor/consultant in the engineering organisations dealing with designing and assessing safety systems. He will successfully contribute to designing a safe and healthy working environment.



Integral Safety


The graduate will gain knowledge in the field of environmental and safety risks management.  He will be able to control the activities within work and environment safety, carry out risk analysis and related documentation, and propose system measures to increase the efficiency of control systems of integrated safety.

The graduate will be successful in administration, labour inspectorates, technical inspection and environmental inspection, and also in the positions of a leader and consultant in engineering organisations dealing with designing and assessing the safety systems in industry, insurance companies and manufacturing.



Integrated Safety

The graduate will master the research and experimental methods within safety and security administration systems and safe working environment. He will be able to develop theory in accordance with requirements of practice focusing on technical and humane aspects of the man-machine-environment system. He will be able to carry out scientific research in teams, bringing his own solutions to complex tasks of theory and practice, risk management, safe working environment, fire protection and other related sectors.

The graduate will operate as a highly qualified expert in institutions of base and applied research, researcher and teacher in universities, advisor and consultant in the engineering organisations dealing with designing and assessing safety systems, as well as in insurance companies.