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Following are the MTF priorities in the field of science and research:

  • To support the development of advanced research workplaces and high-tech laboratories, and their collaboration with practice;
  • To establish the first virtual integrated research centres.

Science and research

  • To elaborate the intention of centralised research laboratories  to replace current decentralised ones;
  • To intensify the collaboration with the EU partners in submitting projects to the EU agencies;
  • To develop common activities with the foreign partners;
  • To support the existing contacts with the partners in the eastern Europe, Russian Federation and Ukraine in particular;
  • To enhance the collaboration wit the municipal and regional governments  in the field of  international research projects;
  • To complete the workplace for materials research in the field of spectral  microscopy, in co-operation with German partners; 
  • To orientate the research in a way so that the Faculty becomes a valuable part of a research university regarding the Act N. 131/2001;
  • To involve all doctoral students into international grants and enable them to spend at least one semester at a research workplace abroad;
  • To involve bachelor and master students into the research activities, regarding the Declaration on Higher Education;
  • To gradually complete the material and technical basis for research activity  and equip the existing laboratories for the purposes of pedagogical process;
  • To complete the section of "Patent documentation and  EU standards" within the Central Library;
  • To implement the information processes into the librarian services in the CL;
  • To design a unified methodology of recording the publication activity  within the MtF and STU virtual library.

Foreign relations

  • To focus on the neighbouring EU partners: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland, ......; 
  • To provide student international mobility to as many Master degree students as possible, and to all PhD students; 
  • To prioritise mobility of young researchers and teachers; 
  • To foster collaboration with foreign universities in inviting visiting professors, associate professors and lecturers for pedagogical process.

Social welfare and personnel development

  • To insist on the inauguration procedure for the associate professors in the position of professors (assistant professors);
  • To deal with the deficit of university teachers in the positions of  associate professors, including via outsourcing; 
  • To innovate and complete the structure of the faculty staff from the faculty PhD graduates and the graduates of other universities from the region of Trnava.