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On Faculty

The artistic reliefs displayed in the entrance hall of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology commemorate the outstanding representatives of the Slovak science and technology of recent and distant past. The author of the works is Katarína Žgančíková, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.


Ľudovít SCHLESIGER   (1864 – 1933) – mathematician
Michal URSÍNY   (1865 – 1933) – builder (architect)
Jur HRONEC   (1881 – 1959) – the first rector of STU;
Aurel STODOLA   (1859 – 1942) – the founder of the theory of steam and gas turbines;
Jozef ČABELKA    (1910 – 1987) – a micro-metallurgist and expert for welding;
Samuel MIKOVÍNI    (1700 – 1750) – the author of anti-flooding  works along the Danube and Váh rivers; 
Kristán DOPPLER   (1803 – 1853) – a scientist who calculated the change in the declination cycles of the earth’s magnetic field 
Ivan HRIVŇÁK   – an academician in the field of Materials Science, a Nobel Prize candidate.