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Joint International IGIP- SEFI Annual Conference 2010

" Diversity unifies - Diversity in Engineering Education"

19th to 22nd September 2010, Trnava, Slovakia

Call for Papers

Diversity unifies - Diversity in Engineering Education - Scope of the Conference

Diversity is a principle of natural and cultural life. It also applies to engineering education. Creative competition and living up to new challenges provides a constant source of new ideas and forms. The central topic of the conference is the development of the existing traditions and principles in Europe in the context of 'Bologna'. Today's focus on outcome orientation contains a potential for creative curricular solutions as well as new ways of learning and teaching. This is an open field for research on engineering education and quality initiatives.

The third  joint IGIP-SEFI annual conference will offers many opportunities for internationals contacts and discussions among experts. Even specific regional problems can be discussed like the problem of international dimensions and the brain drain that can be observed in Europe: Quite a few alumni of excellent universities go to countries and/or firms that offer tempting salaries. Hot topics discussed at the level of the European Union, such as lifelong learning and new skills for new jobs for instance, will be considered as well.

Every contribution, every new scientific result that helps making engineering education better is welcome. The Slovak University of Technology (STU), especially its Faculty of Material Science and Technology in Trnava offers ideal conditions to host the joint IGIP-SEFI conference. As an educational institution in a small European country, in the heart of the old Continent, STU is an impressive example of the cultural diversity in Europe and of the European diversity in engineering education.

The host location of the 2010 conference will be the oldest free royal town in Slovakia: Trnava. The goal of the host institution is to provide a broad space for interaction and to move another step forward  to a successful mutual IGIP-SEFI collaboration.

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