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On the 16th - 19th of  May 2010, in accordance with the schedule of planned events of the FMST SUT , in Smolenice Castle the 5th annual International Doctoral Seminar was held.
It was attended by 86 doctoral students (31 foreign students), who presented their work in two sections:

Section A:

                        Machine Production Technologies

                        Materials Engineering

Section B:

                        Industrial Engineering and Quality Management

                       Applied Information Technology and Automation in Industry

                        Environmental and Safety Engineering

                        Human Science in Technology

The represented Universities  were from the Czech Republic, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Slovak Republic.


The total number of PhD participants : 86

          from these , foreign PhD participants : 31

The number of supervisors and guests : 18

          and from these that were foreign :16

Number of active presentations: 60

Part of this event was the Poster Section, at which participants had the opportunity to eventually present their posters or their "ppt" presentations.
On the 17^th of May 2010 took place satellite event: "THE FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY" organized within the project AUTOCLUSTERS " The international cooperative network of educational and research institution with subcontractors and other bodies active in Automotive industry”. The event was aimed to present the project to bring the current situation in the automotive industry and its future direction. 
The programme:
1. Opening speech: Mgr. Dagmar Cagáňová, PhD. – AUTOCLUSTERS’ project manager
2. The future of automobile industry: Ing. Štefan Chudoba, PhD. – director of Autoclusters West Slovakia
3. Conclusion: doc. Ing. Milan Marônek, CSc. – AUTOCLUSTERS’ communication manager

      The guests of IDS 2010 from abroad were, eg.: Dr. h.c. Dr. Rolf Pfrengle (IFW Dresden, Germany), Dr.h.c. Peter Joehnk (FZD Rossendorf, Germany), Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.Csaba Gyenge (TU Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Prof. Dr. Manuela Niethammer (TU Dresden), Dr. Kryzstof Witkowski (University Zielona Gora, Poland), Prof. Jozsef Danyi (Kecskemét, Hungary), Prof. Volkmar Richter (Köthen, Germany) and others.

Overall, the seminar was assessed by the participants, guests from abroad and the FMST as a success.
The Organizing Committee welcomed the participation of members of management from the faculty, directors of institutes and other employees of the institutes  who have personally attended the IDS in 2010 and helped contribute to the success.
Thanks to all involved and we invite you to the next annual event IDS 2011 which will be held on th 15th - 17th of May 2011 in Smolenice.


Ing. Jana Štefánková           
The organizing committee in 2010 IDS

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